With a background in guidance, ecolodge management, and product development for adventure and nature-based tourism enterprises, our team of experienced travel enthusiasts will help you create your unique and authentic travel experience in Ecuador.

Maria Isabel Endara
General Manager. Marisa oversees every travel design process to ensure a curated authentic and unique travel experience.

Daniela Abad
Sales Manager. Daniela is based in Quito, and manages our sales staff, providing key operational and administrative oversight for all our travel experience designers.

Mayra Tuzá
Experience designer. Mayra is based in Quito, and provides administrative and operational support for all our travel programs.

Nicole Vera

Nicole Vera
Experience designer. Nicole is based in Quito, and provides operational support for all our travel programs.

Mario Orozco
Mario is based in the Amazonian city of Puyo. Mario provides vital operational and logistical support to our travel itineraries in the Amazon Basin.

Juan Carlos Garcia
Field Manager. Juan Carlos spends most of his time in the field, and serves as design advisor and liaison with all our travel partners and providers throughout Ecuador.

The team has designed and organized trips in Ecuador for more than 20 years, developing a consistent network of tourist products which showcase Ecuador’s natural and cultural diversity: a small country that can be travelled easily and that has diverse regions in its name: the Amazon, the Galapagos Islands, volcanoes and snow-capped mountains, rivers and forests with a rich biodiversity, a country that is also home to a variety of local indigenous groups and communities.


To promote environmental and cultural responsibility in every travel experience, and to generate –as much as possible— benefits for the conservation of nature and the participation of the local population. To do this, we incorporate the following criteria in our travel design process.

We only work with local lodging and accommodation companies, all of them family and community businesses. To guarantee that the benefits and remuneration remain in the hands of the local population, we don’t work with big companies or hotel chains.

We develop travel experiences for individuals, couples, families and small groups to ensure authentic and personal travel experiences.

All our travel experiences include interaction with the local population to guarantee an authentic cultural immersion.

All our travel experiences include an immersion in the local culture and a unique interaction with the local hosts to guarantee an authentic cultural experience.

We strengthen the local production chain by hiring local suppliers, especially for the food. In this way, the traveler learns about local gastronomical traditions and tastes products that come directly from the hands of small producers. We favour a healthy diet based on local products produced by families in the area.

We promote trips to several areas of high natural value

We promote trips to several areas of high natural value. Ecuador is a megadiverse country, and we believe that the best experiences take place in nature: natural spaces, protected areas, and indigenous territories with high biodiversity.

We work to reduce our environmental footprint

We work to reduce our environmental and social footprint and design travel experiences that guarantee that the income generated by the tourists will be distributed along the local tourism chain. The profits from your travel experience are reinvested in environmental and social projects focused on conservation and community development.


We offer our clients the possibility of traveling to unique locations in the Amazon Rainforest, Galapagos Islands, and Ecuadorian Andes through personalized experiences that connect you with nature and with the customs and traditions of the local populations.

Our travel experiences incorporate the principles of responsible tourism, slow tourism, the protection of wildlife and biodiversity, and the respect for cultural diversity. Our customized travel experiences are designed for individuals, couples, families, and small groups, and are suited for conscious and adventurous travelers who want to travel with a purpose.



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