Ecuador, the most diverse country per square kilometer in the planet, is crossed by the Andes, bathed by the Pacific and taken by the Amazon rainforest.

Ecuador As a megadiverse country

offers a variety of experiences
for the traveler, based on:

4 Geographic Regions. The highlights are the Amazon rainforest, which represents 48% of the Ecuadorian territory, and the Galapagos Islands, with a marine reserve half the size of continental Ecuador. Quito, the starting point of all our trips, is the place from where we begin our travel experiences. Due to its central location, we can access a variety of destinations and products, in a combination of experiences lasting 7 – 14 days.

Cultural Diversity. Ecuador is a multiethnic and culturally diverse country. In the coastal region, the culture has developed around the sea, where fishing is one of the most important activities. Further inland, agriculture represents the main economic activity. Ecuador produces bananas, coffee, cocoa, rice, and more agricultural products that profit from the fertile volcanic soils.

The Andes cut through the country, running North and South. Here we find Inter-Andean Valleys where most of the Ecuadorian population lives, nestled between two mountain ranges to the East and West, where we find indigenous communities, haciendas, volcanoes and snow-capped mountains. To the East lies the Amazon rainforest, a territory mostly occupied by indigenous communities, who rely on tourism as an alternative to preserve their forests and protect their customs and traditions.

Relying on the team’s 20+ years of experience, ETE has taken the best of Ecuador, both its natural world as well as its cultural richness, and has created a network of touristic products that are environmentally friendly and responsible with the communities. Another highlight is that the travelers create their own customised experiences in Ecuador, allowing them to discover the country’s beauty from a perspective of unique interaction with the natural environment and local populations.


The enchanted islands


The magestic beauty


The beauty of the rain forest